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Thank you to our 2024 members for their support!

Your support is important to the success of the museum which is measured by its collections and the impact of its exhibits.

Mr. David Austin

Gary Bandy (L)
Mrs. Madalyn Bazzano (L)
Mr. & Mrs. Lance Beshore (L)
Mr. Jerry Black
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Brothers
Mr. Chuck Brown (L)

Doris Carlin (L)
Martha Chase (L)
Dr. John Cragin (L)

Cheryl Dandridge (L)
James Deneen (L)
Mike Dikeman (L)
Sarah Ditto (L)

Kim Earl (L)
Betty Eckhart (L)
John Ester (L)

Brad Fagan (L)

Barbara Garrett (L)
Mr. Ronald Gatz
Jack Golden (L)


David & Joyce Hair
Barbara & Konrad Heid (L)
Thomas Hempen (L)
Kenneth Hempen (L)
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Hicklin (L)

Ed Johnson (L)
Steve Junkins

Rebecca Kanan (L)
John Knapp (L)
Ruth Kost

Layne Electric Company
Brad Long

Gayle McAllister (L)
Dr. Stephen Menke (L)
Jeanette Minard

Carol Parker (L)
Bonnie Pefferman
Mike and Lee Pound (L)


Kelly Reddin
Diane Reid-Adams
Frank Rook (L)

Anne Sharp

Mrs. Billie Holladay Skelley
Bud Smith (L)

Steve Spracklen

Paul Teverow
Ann Turney (L)

Mel Walbridge (L)
Kay Wells (L)
Lisa Wilkinson (L)

Mrs. Robert Willcoxon (L)
Meredith Williams (L)
Kim Wood (L)

(L) indicates Lifetime Membership


The Joplin History & Mineral Museum is dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of artifacts related to Joplin's history.


If you have an item you would like to donate to the museum, please contact us at, (417) 623-1180 or to discuss your gift.

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