The Dorothea B. Hoover Historical Museum

Merle Evans &  Circus Tent Miniature Circus Exhibit


Merle Evans is a famous Band leader from the Circus world that even played for Ringling Brothers) from Fun house mirrors to the sounds from the Big Top. Enter the circus exhibit and step back in time to when the Circus coming to town was a Main Event.

Empire District Electric Company Exhibit


From Telephone switchboards to Washing machines visit the Electric Company Exhibit and see how technology in Joplin has changed thru the years

 House of Lords Exhibit


Check out the House of Lords exhibit to find out how the gentlemen of early Joplin spent their free time in one of Joplin’s most notorious houses of ill repute.

 Medical Exhibit


The Dr is in… The medical exhibit carries us back to a time when medicine wasn’t quite as sophisticated as it is today.

The National Historical Cookie Cutter Exhibit


Cookie Cutters everywhere! Cookie Cutters from the turn of the century to modern day. Check out his impressive collection.

Doll Collection


Joplin History Museum Houses an impressive doll collection including China Porcelain dolls and even dolls with Human hair.

Bonnie and Clyde


Checkout the items left behind by Bonnie and Clyde during their infamous stay in Joplin.

Military Exhibit



The Joplin Sports Hall of Fame


This exhibit has memorabilia from some of Sports biggest names. From Carl Richards to Mickey Mantle. Stop in and see who you know.

Famous Joplinites


Dennis Weaver and Langston Hughes  aren’t  the only famous people from Joplin and the surrounding area. Check out our exhibits and see how many you knew were from here.***

Local Joplin History Exhibits


Check out the many exhibits referring to early Joplin. From its Founding to examples of the lavish life styles of the founding fathers of the Mining Boom Town days. ***

 Soda Shop


Step back into a turn of the century drugstore and soda fountain.

Belsnickle Exhibit


Creations by Carthage artist Linda Lindquist Baldwin

Parkwood / Memorial High Schools Memorabilia Exhibit


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