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The Everett J. Ritchie Tri-State Mineral Museum 

Mineral Collection


The museum has one of the world’s most exceptional collections of minerals found in the Tri-State Mining District***

Crystal Cave


Find out more about Joplin’s Lost Treasure.

Tools of the Trade Exhibit


Check out the many tools used by miners in the area during the area mining history. ***

Evolution of Mining


Check out the miniatures displaying the evolution of mining through the years.

Glowing Rocks


No Mineral exhibit is complete without their collection of rocks that glow in the dark

Maps Exhibits


Extensive collection of maps from the Tri-State mining area.

Mineral in Product Exhibit


Do we really want to know? Find out what minerals are in things you use every day.

Prehistoric Finds Exhibit


 Long before we walked this area. Creatures from another time left us some interesting reminders that they were here.

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