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Video Contest Rules

Historical Feature



Students and adult amateur filmmakers can submit a 1–3-minute video that addresses one of the prompts below.

Feature stories should bring focus to an individual, community, group, or concept by creating a personal connection for the viewers/watchers who can be moved emotionally by the overall storyline and production quality.

Features can incorporate music, natural sound, interviews, and visuals to share non-breaking facts and perspectives. Features should have a clear message with a definitive beginning, middle, and end. Submissions with voice-over should have video complementing the script.


You will submit your entry to the Joplin History and Mineral Museum by sharing through Google Drive.


Participants may compete as an individual or as a production team.

The entry must be uploaded to the appropriate Google Drive according to these specifications:

  • All work must be student/amateur produced between October 2023 and March 2024.

  • Feature entries must be no longer than 3 minutes in length.

  • Video files must be submitted in an MP4 or MOV format. 

  • There are no limits to entries per person or per school.

  • Your submission must include your name, your school's name (if applicable), and the title of the entry. You must include all team members’ names if working in a team.

  • All scripts should be submitted to the Joplin History and Mineral Museum for review. Email: All sources should be cited.

  • Prizes will be given to winners. All videos, regardless of prompts, are regarded as entered into the contest to win a prize.

    • One first-place video receives $250

    • One second-place video receives $125

    • One third-place video receives $75

  • The Joplin Historical Society reserves the right to issue additional prizes based on the quality of the videos submitted.

  • By submitting the video, you give the Joplin History and Mineral Museum and the Joplin Historical Society permission to use the video in a public forum for use in the museum and advertising for the museum.

  • Submission of a video in this contest does not preclude the creator from entering the video in other competitions.

  • Archival records and photographs belonging to the Joplin History and Mineral Museum are available for use in research and video production.



  • The deadline for submission of scripts with cited sources for approval is February 1, 2024. Allow 2 weeks for script approval.

  • The deadline for submission of completed video work is midnight, March 4, 2024.


Failure to follow these requirements and deadlines will result in disqualification.




  • Famous Joplinites (choose 1 or 2, if partners)

    • Charles Schifferdecker

    • Lena Beal

    • John Beal (Blaidune)

    • Elliott Moffett and John Sergeant

    • Patrick Murphy

    • John C. Cox

    • William Tingle

    • Rev. Harrison G. Joplin

    • Dorothea B Hoover

    • W.B. Patton

    • Robert (Bob) Cummings

    • Dennis Weaver

    • Percy Wenrich and his music

    • James Mercer Langston Hughes and his poetry

    • Charles McPherson and his music

    • Irish Johnny Copeland and his boxing career

    • Lonnie Chapman and his films and TV appearances

    • Gabby Street and his baseball career

  • How the towns in and around Joplin began and changed with mining

       (Oronogo, Duenweg, Joplin, Webb City, Carl Junction, Galena)

  • How Route 66 impacted Joplin

  • Crystal Cave

  • Connor Hotel

  • Stockyards

  • Children working in the mines (laws to protect mules, not miners)

  • Hard rock mining

  • Ham radio operators during the Joplin Tornado 2011

  • Lawmen who faced Bonnie and Clyde during their visit to Joplin

  • Joplin Spook Light

  • Early miner’s lives (pre-1920s)

  • Changes in downtown Joplin - urban renewal in the 1960s

  • Joplin getting electricity (before NYC)

  • Black soldiers in the Civil War (from Joplin) Rader's Farm

  • Underground Railroad - Rothenberger House

  • Black soldiers camping at Baxter Springs (not allowed in the Fort)

  • Ambush at Rader’s Farm

  • Battle of Carthage

  • Joplin men who served in World War I, World War II

  • Nurses’ lives during World War II – Especially Gola B Fuller

  • Mercy Hospital – Joplin’s first hospital started by Sisters of Mercy

  • Junge Bakery

  • Firefighting changes from early Joplin bucket brigade to beginning firetrucks

  • House of Lords – focus on early town life, not on debauchery

  • How horses and mules were used in mining

  • History of the segregated cemetery

  • Businesses that have served Joplin for over 75 years

  • Bonnie and Clyde from the eyes of a police officer - Jim Hounschell

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